Instrumentation In Agriculture

Instrumentation In Agriculture
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Out Of Print... The use of measuring instruments is increasing in agriculture, as in other industries, because they can supply objective information on the state of an industrial process and on the performance of any associated equipment. Agriculture offers many outlets for standard industrial instrumentation and for some specialised devices, to measure and control quantities associated with soil, aerial environment, climate crop rearing, animal husbandry, product storage and quality assessment on the farm. Since care is always needed both in the selection and operation of instrumentation to avoid a wrong choice of equipment or a misinterpretation of instrument indications, it is probable that books on instrumentation generally are insufficient to meet the specialised needs of agricultural research and recording. It is therefore fortunate that Messrs, Cox and Filby, well known workers in this specialised field, have written this comprehensive guide to the equipment available to agriculture, its operation and performance and the interpretation of the results it provides. All agricultural research workers and students entering this field will find it convenient to have one volume covering this specialised aspect of instrumentation and showing how it can best be applied to the increasingly complex fields in which measurement, product quality assessment and methods of automatic control are now being used to produce scientific information that can be used to improve agricultural production.

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