Radio Measurements (Mir Publications, Russia)

Radio Measurements (Mir Publications, Russia)
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Out Of Print ... This text book is intended for all who are interested in Radio Measurements. After reading this text you will understand how radio measurements covers a variety of electrical and electronic quantities such as current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, inductance, frequency, modulation factor, non-linear distortion, quality (Q-) factor, etc. In alignment and testing, one may be interested in the frequency, amplitude and other characteristics of the circuits. The input signal is furnished by test generators. The magnitude and waveform of the out-put signal are monitored and displayed by voltmeters and cathode-ray oscilloscopes. You will also find that most practical networks contain oscillatory circuits tuned to a definite frequency. Since a measuring instrument usually has a capacitance and inductance of its own, its connection ot the circuit to be measured might disturb its tuning. A way out is to use instruments with as small capacitance and inductance as practicable and to take into account their effect on operation of the circuit being measured. This book was written when electronic circuits was operating on direct current and before the design of digital circuit boards.

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