Lake And The Castle

Lake And The Castle
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Continues the story of The Cathars and Reincarnation and We Are One Another. In We Are One Another Dr Guirdham described how a group of Cathars from mdiaeval Languedoc came together again in the twentieth century in a circumscribed area in Bristol and Somerset. His latest book The Lake & The Castle tells how this same group first assembled in ancient Rome and maintained its lovalty to its basic Dualist beliefs in Celtic Christian Cumberland and as French sailors in the Napoleonic era. This book is not merely a straight historical record of successive incarnations. It describes how the author was contacted by discarnate entities. The revealed to him a succession of symbols representing his different incarnations and enabled him to see in detail scenes from the past lives as far distant as the fourlh century AD. These discarnates were always concerned Mth what was concrete and verifiable. They directed the author to places in Cumher and Hampshire where he found indubitable traces of his past lives. He was guided accurately to objects such as crosses and masons marks which had invariably a personal significance for him. The discarnates methods were extraordinarily direct. Different discarnate guides communicated the same truths at the same time to different members of the group. This book is also the story of a personal attachment which, in its different ways, lasted fifteen centuries, and involves visionary experiences centred round a jewel given to the author in the fourth century A.D. As well as recording a unique experience The Lake & The Castle provides invaluable first-hand information about the cult of Mithras and the Celtic Church in the seventh century A.D. It is immensely important to know that reincarnation and other tenets of Catharism were accepted by the Celtic Church in Britain before its reorganisation following the Synod of Whitby in 664.

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