Prospects Of Eternity HB

Prospects Of Eternity HB
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Out Of Print... Where do we go from here--after we die Do we go anywhere If so, what are we likely to find These questions are so shrouded with gloom and mystery that few venture even to consider them, though they are important to all of us. This book dares to answer them in an entirely new way, by using little-known scientific discoveries and simple, commonsense deductions. It strips death of all its gloom and much of its mystery. It presents such compelling reasons to show that we do continue to exist after we 'die that those who believe otherwise will find it very hard to show that we do not. Is there a hell Most readers will find that they have nothing to worry about. What is heaven like The author offers reasons to suppose that 'we make our own heaven and that, for most of us the next existence is likely to be far pleasanter, more interesting and more stimutating than this one. Do we come back heredo we re-incarnate The author maintains that Jesus Christ taught reincarnation to His disciples and that many Christians down the ages have believed it, despite persecution by the Churches. He shows how death will give us a welcome release from some of the great problems of today, which he analyzes with penetrating candour. 'With Western civilization being a troubled and uncertain future, concludes Edward Russell, 'the prospects of life on earth are far less attractive than the prospects of eternity. In these disturbed and foreboding times, this book will bring comfort and reassurance to all those who are fearful of the future or who despair of achieving their hopes and desires in this life. For it shows that the existenceand, perhaps, future incarnations-can offer far qreater scope for achievement than this one. 'It is high time, he adds, to debunk death and to view it in a more cheerful and rational perspective.

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