Island, The
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Out Of Print... This is the story of Dr. Guirdham's earliest incarnation yet described. This book, written in three weeks, is the result of a positive avalanche of far memory for his life round about 1250 B.C. on a small island, now disappeared as the result of an earthquake, to the north of Crete. This is the first of Dr Ouirdhams books in which he has been wholly dependent on his own far memory. In 'The Cathars and Reincarnation' and 'We Are One Another' he verified in minute detail the statements made by others. In 'The Lake and the Castle' he was helped by the psychic living and by discarnates. The island, which is pure far memory, is the logical extension of his own psychic development. The book contains many fascinating revelations of life in the Aegean in the thirteenth century B.C. It records what the author remembers of the Mysteries of Eleusis and of what he learnt from a priestess of the civilisation of Atlantis. Most interesting of all it recalls the discoveries of a young man about the nature of the gods and goddesses in the classical Pantheon. This book recalls vividly the thoughts and intuitions of a forthright individual with the gift of healing living against what to us is a fascinatingly alien background.

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