Illustrated Lotus 1-2-3

Illustrated Lotus 1-2-3
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Out Of Print ... Lotus 1-2-3 is a computer program used primarily to analyse and present numerical data. Its the leader in a class of personal computer software called spreadsheets which do for numbers what word processors do for text. The essence of a spreadsheet is its organisation into columns and rows like an accountants worksheet. But unlike a worksheet on paper, every spreadsheet entry is like an electronic programmable calculator. You link up the entries on the sheet with formulas and when you change any of your raw data, all dependent numbers are recalculated and redisplayed instantly. 1-2-3 goes well beyond the basic function of a spreadsheet. The art of understanding numbers is often a matter of presentation so 1-2-3 is rich in graphics features. You can display graphs on screen for instant analysis of changes to your data; you can prepare high quality printed charts to include in reports and presentations. The tabular format of a spreadsheet is also ideally suited for storing a database. 1-2-3 lets you combine the flexibility of a spreadsheet with powerful, structured database analysis. Sit at the keyboard and find the page which illustrates a task similar to your own. Follow the commands on the illustration and if you need more information refer to the instructions and tips on the facing page. If youre new to spreadsheets, its best to work through the examples at least once from the beginning of the book until you have mastered the basics. At the back of the book you'll find a reference section with details of 1-2-3s keys, commands, functions and macro instructions.

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