Illustrated DOS Computing

Illustrated DOS Computing
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Out Of Print... Here is a book for everyone who uses a desktop computer - all who need an introduction to computing using standard business machines and many educational computers. It is non technical, except occasionally where this is needed to enable you to make sense of it all. It is suitable for the beginner, who may need to grasp new concepts to get the best out of their new machine, whilst more experienced users will find it a concise reference. DOS is a program that 'gets your computer going' each time you switch on, and DOS must be running before you can use other software such as a Word Processor or Spreadsheet. The use of the DOS program is explained here from the very beginning, by telling you what DOS is and why you need it. The most useful DOS commands are carefully demonstrated, with examples being used throughout because most people find this the easiest way to learn. DOS is short for MS-DOS (also called PC-DOS when sold by IBM). Illustrated DOS Computing is suitable for all versions of DOS including 3.x, 4.x, and higher, as used on the IBM PC and PS/2 business microcomputers, or compatible computers made by Compaq, Amstrad and many others. The contents of this guide have been distilled from the everyday experience of many people who have made DOS and business applications software work for them. You can make it work too!

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