Natural Fertility Awareness

Natural Fertility Awareness
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Out Of Print  ... "I believe that this book will appeal to and help all those who seek to understand natural bodily rhythms and I thoroughly recommend it".- Dr Anna Flynn Advances over the last two decades in our understanding of the hormonal sequence controlling the reproductive cycle in women have resulted in the discovery of certain external indicators of the fertile and infertile times within a cycle. These indicators can be easily learned and monitored by any woman to let her know when and when not to make love for achieving or avoiding conception. The practice is quite different from the highly unsafe rhythm method. In fact, statistical assessment of its contraceptive efficacy puts it in the upper echelon, with a success rate of 97-99%. With about l5-20% of the population having infertility problems, these methods also provide a valuable means of timing love-making for the maximum possible effect. Natural Fertility Awareness is a clear, concise explanation of how to practice these methods, incorporating descriptions of all the latest research, including OVIA, the domestic, electronic fertility assessor. In this revised edition, some of the rules have been updated according to the most recent studies. A description is also given of the latest Lactational Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) which involves the informed use of breast feeding for natural contraception following childbirth.

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