Feathers & Plumage Of Birds

Feathers & Plumage Of Birds
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Out Of Print... A comprehensive monograph on the morphology, development, moulting and neurohormonal regulation of the plumage of birds. In addition to summarizing and interpreting the rather considerable body of literature on the subject, the author presents the results of his own experi mental work, extending over a period of thirty years, which has been directed particularly towards problems of hormonal regulation. The structure, normal development and renewal of the different types of feather are described, and features of the arrangement of the feathers on the body, juvenile and adult plumage and normal rnoulting are discussed. The major part of the book, however, is concerned with the results of experimental analysis of the conditions necessary for the formation, growth and development of feathers and of the whole plumage. The roles of thyroid and pituitary hormones in particular are here examined in detail in the light of experiments.

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