Ultimate Transformation

Ultimate Transformation
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"Humanity has been talking of peace for the last ten thousand years and peace has not come, because every peace is being used by the mind to prepare for another war. Every day you sleep, but you create more conflicts the next day so that you need more sleep, more dreams. That is no relief. People talk of releasing these tensions through dreams or through various methods and techniques of medication, but they do not see the root of it. It is this entity creating the conflict and tension, this ego which must be tackled. Release through dreams, through auto-hypnosis, deep breathing, or meditative techniques is a superficial play, an escape from the fundamental problem of human conflict". "The only need is to be aware of whatever is happening. Simple awareness will open all the doors. Become aware of one single facet of life, one single moment of life, and the initiation has begun, the journey has begun. It sounds like a very small thing, but because we are not watching our lives, we run after teachers and books to learn their lessons. We do not look at our own life".

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