English-Russian Dictionary

English-Russian Dictionary
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Out Of Print... This publication is intended to supply a long-felt want of a complete and up-to.date English-Russian Dictionary embodying all the Latest additions to the language. The progress and developments in aviation, military science, navigation, medicine, technical knowledge, and so on during the last decade, have enriched our language with a large number of new words. The vast changes in the social, political, and cultural life of our time are also continuously adding new terms and expressions to our vocabulary. No effort was spared to make the dictionary as complete as possible by the inclusion of new words and technical terms in general use. The dictionary contains a wide range of idiomatic expressions and proverbs, as the rendering of these into a foreign language often presents serious difficulties. Obsolete words, colloquial expressions, slang, provincialisms, and Americanisms have been included because the reader may come across them in novels, newspapers, or in the cinema. The principal abbreviations in general use have also been included. The dictionary is the most complete and contains more than 100,000 words and expressions. A very simple but thoroughly scientific system of phonetic transcription is used to show the pronunciation of every English word. The accentuation of every Russian word is also given throughout the book. A large range of dictionaries and other standard reference works was consulted in the preparation of this work.

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