What Price Vaccinations

What Price Vaccinations
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Out Of Print... Some members of the European community halt immunizations after reports of massive vaccinal intoxication. Atlanta-based CDC relate measles-associated fatalities due to vaccine toxicity and intolerance is a medical fact that vaccination grievously disturbs the delicate ecological balance of the human organism. These internal disruptions vary for each individual person but fatalities often go unreported as permanent adverse reactions are seldom felt immediately. The insidious long-term disorders caused by vaccine within the cells are irreparable. They manifest their damage only many years later, often only in the offsprings of the vaccinated person and usually assume various forms. The repeated onslaught of immunizations only serve to weaken the subject, exponentially worsening those imbalances, causing new illnesses that leave doctors totally powerless to cure. To this day, only a small fragment of the monumental toll exacted on humanity is seen. The price we will have to pay for the systematic practice of repeated vaccinal inoculations, as it has been meted out to the world, has not been fully assessed yet. Vaccination is seen today as the triggering factor in all the scourges that affect the rich countries of the world today: degenerative diseases. cardiovascular diseases, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. The danger of vaccinations is shown on the scale of humanity as a whole rather than at the level of the terrible painful individual accident which which it profoundly affects the victim and those around him, but which does not in the least touch those who make decisions about our health. In this editon, we will retain this method of presentation, even though the price we must pay for vaccinations is not limited to these major diseases. The most recent findings in immunology indicate that only a reappraisal of our attitudes about health will, if it is not already too late, allow us to bequeath the possibility of good health to future generations. From France, one of the most prestigious books (La Ranon des Vaccinations) that spearheaded the return to free choice, for patients as well as doctors in the matter of vaccines, has now come to warn and help the English-speaking nations. The documented evidence published here leads us to believe that the toll will be beyond the most pessimistic expectations. Since there are natural ways to strengthen the immune system, interference with the order of nature has various consequences other than that counted upon. This book can serve as a powertul weapon against the worst public health fiasco ever perpetrated against the human race. Let us counter the arrogance and conceit of the immunizers with methods that work with nature. This book is a milestone in that direction.

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