Natural Remedies For Common Ailments: An Encyclopedia

Natural Remedies For Common Ailments: An Encyclopedia
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Out Of Print... A modern and up-to-date encyclopaedia of common ailments and their remedy by purely natural methods, including homoeopathy, herbalism and biochemistry. The author is an orthodox healer, a qualified physiotherapist-cum-Nutritionist, with Nature-Cure leanings. She deals not only with the general nature of disease but with the specific treatment of its many signs and symptoms. The book is a mine of information not only on the cause and treatment of the many every day ailments common to civilised man, but also on their prevention through right eating, right living and right thinking. Diets for specific ailments are given in great detail, as are other therapies, including hydrotherapy and mind therapy. This is a book for all those enlightened people who require an easy-to-find reference book; who want to help themselves get well, without modern drugs, and TO KEEP WELL.

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