Initiation By The Nile

Initiation By The Nile
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Out Of Print... Teachings given in the Great Temple of Atlantis. During the quarter of a century in which Mona Rolfe was lecturing, her twin soul and Master lnit1ate came close to earth from the planes of light. He gave her an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis. From the Temple, Masters went forth to many centres, building temples in which this knowledge was given. We are therefore able to trace the stream of light from Atlantis, given by word of mouth to those prepared to take the tests of initiation in centres in India, Egypt, Suma, Accad, Mexico and other places. Today we can identify, beneath the external forms, a central truth in all these cultures. The thread of light from Atlantis, through Egypt, culminated in the eighteenth dynasty in the wisdom and the revelation of that great soul, Akhnaton. In this book, by an understanding of the past, the present takes on a deeper meaning and we may obtain a vision of the future.

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