Message Of The Masters HB

Message Of The Masters HB
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Out Of Print... From time to time there appear in history prophets, seers and sages all with important and inspiring spritual messages and codes of living for mankind. These elevated human beings are the Masters. Robert J. Scrutton, himself a sensitive, mystic, healer, naturopath and osteopath, examines the lives and revealed sayings of these extraordinary individuals. And he concentrates on the ones who, he avers, form an unbroken chain of Divine Manifestation: Manu, Zoroaster, the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and Bahau'llah, prophet of the world-wide Bahai Faith. He demonstrates how each appears to have possessed transcendental knowledge and visionary powers which allowed them to look both backwards and forwards in time. But, more important, he shows how each of their spiritual messages constituted an advance upon that of its predecessor. From an overall viewpoint, each Master contributed part, suitable to the mental and spiritual conditions prevailing at the time, of a grand scheme for the unification of the whole of humanity: a World Society. In his Foreword, Kenneth Rayner Johnson comments: It is my belief that the present book forms an important addition to the exposition of sacred writings in moderm interpretation; a contemporary phenomenon which perhaps began with people like Blavatsky, Steiner and Gurdjieff and has continued on down to the present day through Wellesley Tudor Pole and J.G. Bennett. As expounded by Robert J. Scrutton, the inner messages of the major prophets bear striking, sometimes awe-inspiring correspondences which themselves strike chords in the inner spiritual being of man. Evenor rather, especiallyin these days of the cyclotron, the laser, silicon chip, computer and neutron bomb, their revealed sayings and writings are of vital import.

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