Devilish But True-The Doctor Looks at Spiritualism

Devilish But True-The Doctor Looks at Spiritualism
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Out Of Print... To find a sensible undramatic and well written book containing an investigatory account of what has been for a considerable period nothing short of a controversial matter is a notable achievement. That the book should be couched in a warm and humourous hand makes it a joy to read. 'Devilish but True' is just such a book. The author Harold Dearden, was an experienced GP of the first half of this century, but his knowledge was not confined simply to the physiological side of his work. Using his ability with the body's diseases and its cures, he developed over the years an acute and sympathetic eye for the problems and manifestations of the human mind, that most intriguing of all mans attributes. This book was written at a time when the cult of spiritualism was more practised than it is today, when even more phenomena inexplicable and mysterious, were labelled supernatural and spiritualistic. Dr. Dearden approaches such ideas with caution, setting up his own independent enquiry, and conducts it with rational and sensible thinking. Although in many cases phenomena and unnatural happenings can seem inexplicable, applied to psychological rationalising they can frequently acquire at least one relatively 'ordinary' explanation. This is not to say that spiritualism or supposedly spiritualistic acts do not exist, just that all which is temporarily inexplicable is not necessarily supernatural. To quote Dr. Dearden, 'There is no better guard against an assumption of omniscience on our part than a recognition of the immense gulf between our knowledge today and the knowledge upon which our ancestors relied with no less confidence to reach conclusions which seem to us to be childish'. In other words, because we don't know it now, doesn't mean to say we shan't know it some time in the future. But discussion of the content aside, we think you will find this an interesting and amusing book, at least if our giggles echoing around these pages are anything to go by. And perhaps Dr. Dearden in his infinite capacity has seen fit to guide this pen to promote his own cause. Perhaps.......

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