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You Gotta Be Bad Before You Can Be Good

ISBN Number: 1-8801-5201-0

"Cliffe Stone serves up practical advice and encourgement for aspiring musicans, counrty style, in this amiable, posthumously published meditation on talent shows. Known throughout the country music business as a tireless promoter of emerging artists, Stone was Historian of the Academy of Country Music for many years; the ACM has awarded its annual Pioneer Award ("The Cliffe") to people who have made unique contributions to country music. Drawing on his experience as a musician, songwriter, publisher, booking agent and producer of radio and television programs that launched careers for a number of well-known performers, Stone and his coauthor/wife provide guidance along with anecdotes and homespun humor.From overcomming stage fright and hiring a manager to avoid a major pitfall for performers-alcohol and substance abuse-the Stones cover all of the bases from beginner to seasoned pro...Stone's easygoing, conversational tone will help take the edge off newcomers' anxiety and self doubt...Despite the focus on talent show, it's Stone's exuberance as a cheerleader for fledgling artists that will likely remain in readers' minds."

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