Biological Transmutations

Biological Transmutations
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Biological Transmutations opens up new fields of inquiry based on the discovery of regularly occurring low-energy transformations in the elementary compositions of nature. Professor Kervran challenges the narrow mindedness of those who ignore data that fails to conform to pre-existing scientific paradigms. In Biological Transmutations he demands - and provides - a new explanatory framework for a wide range of mysterious natural phenomena related to the environment and human health. Biological Transmutations illuminates the metabolism of dietary salts and minerals in health and disease, providing an explanation for the failure of standard medical treatments and the benefits of \'activated water, dietary changes, and other alternative forms of therapy. Biological Transmutations also provides a scientific basis for the \'organic alchemy\' by which plants create the nutrients that healthy soil requires, without the use of chemical fertilizers. Offering new paradigms for physics, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry, Biological Transmutations has immediate and extensive practical implications for the fields of medicine, natural healing, nutrition, agriculture, geology, and environmental science.

Biological Transmutations 134 pages Beekman Publishers
Translation by Crosby Lockwood, Revised and Edited by Herbert & Elizabeth Rosenauer
Introduction by Robert Waller
Hardcover Printing 1980 Softcover Printing 1998

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