Founded in 1972 as Beekman Publishers, long before the phrase "New Age" was in general circulation, we began a journey to search the globe for innovative, world-changing authors. It was a time for putting the idealism of the sixties into action, and the results continue to positively affect our future.

Beekman Books offers an eclectic collection of alternative medicine, holistic wellness, homeopathy, and natural health titles as well progressive thought in the areas of music, business, politics, history, war, and especially peace. Perhaps, you will find a book here that will make you say: "Now I can do my math faster".

Our current focus and commitment is to foster the kindness that will carry us all through these times of financial and political uncertainty. To this end, we would encourage us all to be generous with one another, with our time, our caring, our love, and our attention to others.

Our Mission Statement: "To provide our customers with valuable, informative, and uplifting books for the body, mind, and spirit in a variety of fields with an emphasis on unusual or neglected subject matter. Our commitment is to serve with high ethical standards providing quality products and friendly, effective service, in a spirit of cooperation and shared concern for promoting human development."

Welcome to our home, come on in, cozy up and enjoy the hospitality... there's lots of great browsing ahead.

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