Formation & Use Of Industrial Byproducts HB

Formation & Use Of Industrial Byproducts HB
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Out Of Print... The non-technical press often reports on the ever increasing amount of waste generated by individuals and industry, and draws attention to the apparent feeble response to the re-employment of unwanted materials. However, little attention has been paid to the vast by-products industry that has grown rapidly in the past few yearsan industry that recycles waste to economic advantage in all fields of manufacturing. There are many books available dealing with industial processes and their by-products but they are normally written by specialists on specialist branches of industry. 'Formation and Use of Industrial By-Products' is different in that it covers a wide range of industrial activities and the recycling that goes with it. It documents which products are recycled and how they are transformed. It is written with authority and the minimum of jargon. This is an important and relevant book for senior executives, works, plant and maintenance managers in manufacturing industries who either work with an effective recycling system or need to improve or install such a system. Environmentalists will also find this an interesting text book showing what has already been achieved.

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