Multicoordinate Data Presentation

Multicoordinate Data Presentation
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Out Of Print... Many managers are inundated with a mass of numerical information which is happily produced by computer specialists in the fond belief that it must of itself be valuable. Unfortunately, it is often the case that although the potential for producing meaningful information is there, the computer tabulations may actually conceal more than they disclose. In the field of management information, basic computer terminology is frequently misapplied and misunderstood. Data is used to denote information; the exploration of alternatives is called decision-making and a printout is taken to mean well presented figures. However, the manager is left entirely to his own devices in trying to extract the information he really needs. There is therefore a tremendous need for quantitative information to be arranged in a more meaningful way. To meet this need, Victor Priel has created a completely new technique, MCDP, for effectively condensing management control data to aid decision-making. By displaying data in concise and informative tables which reduce the volume of data printouts into essential figures and highlight multiple relationships, the manager can interpret the information and use the tables most effectively. In order to impart information, figures have to be seen in a variety of essential relationships. These are set up by defining a number of coordinates that are common to all data. These in turn are represented by variable scales that form inter-related fields. Information is derived by relating the figures appearing in adjacent fields. Many practical examples are given to illustrate the development and use of MCOP tables. This book describes clearly how to gain the maximum benefits from multi-coordinate data presentation. It will be an indispensable aid to all managers involved in planning and who use management information systems; to EDP and systems professionals; to business analysts; to research and information scientists; to management consultants and to all business students.

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