Inorganic Chemistry-A Textbook For Secondary Schools HB

Inorganic Chemistry-A Textbook For Secondary Schools HB
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Out Of Print ...Very Shelf Worn... Chemistry among the Natural Sciences and Its Importance to the National Economy... The sciences concerned with nature, or natural sciences, that you have studied at school so far are physics and chemistry, botany and zoology, human anatomy and physiology. Chemistry is related closely to both physics and biology; the problems common to chemistry and physics form the subject of special sciences-physical chemistry and chemical physics-while the problems common to chemistry and biology are dealt with in biochemistry. Chemistry is the science of substances, their properties, their changes, and of the methods of controlling these changes, called chemical reactions. Chemical reactions are accompanied by various physical phenomena: heat may be evolved or absorbed, light emitted, the physical state of substances may change. Accordingly, the chemist relies constantly in his research work upon physical methods of investigation and physical theories. It was, in fact, the molecular theory, built up by physicists, that gave rise to the atomic theory, which became a compass for chemists in exploring the intimate nature of the chemical changes that substances undergo. Chemistry is indeed penetrating deeper and deeper into other industries, into farming, and medicine. In view of this, with the Soviet Unions advance to Communism and the eradication of the dividing line between physical and mental work, a sound knowledge of chemistry will become more and more necessary for creative work in all practical fields.

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