Earth Is Alive, The

Earth Is Alive, The
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Out Of Print... This is the second book in a new and fascinating series dealing with the furthermost boundaries of human knowledge, the first book of which was Non-Human Thought. "Imagine that you have forgotten everythingquite literally everythingthat you already know about the earth." With this suggestion, Francois Derroy invites the reader to de-freeze his opinions about our planet and not go on assuming that it is a simple body whose orderly behaviour is entirely explained by classroom texts. The Earth is Alive describes all the seemingly absurdand the seemingly serioustheories held now and through history of the origins of the earth and the solar system it moves in. It explores the relation of myth to reality: was there a Flood Did the Red Sea part Was there an Atlantis Is the nuclear worlds weather really changing The book also explains, and speculates about, the causes of earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, the composition of the atmosphere, the effect of the sun on the earth. Finally, it takes up the science of biogeology: what can man now do to save, protect, and improve the world around him A book to stretch the imagination and the boundaries of our knowledge. A fascinating look at the interdependence of solar, magnetic, and biological phenomena.

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