Diplomacy Of Aggression-Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Axis

Diplomacy Of Aggression-Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Axis
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Out Of Print... First Paragraph of Introduction... The history of Soviet international relations over the past half century proffers irrefutable evidence of the fact that the Communist Party and the Soviet Government have unswervingly pursued a policy aimed at combating aggression and ensuring peace and security. When hotbeds of aggression took shape in the Far East and in the heart of Europe in the 1930s, the Soviet Union was the first to expose the fascist aggressors and became the principal obstacle preventing the nazi bloc from dominating the world. It gave its whole-hearted support to peoples victimised by aggression, to peoples fighting to uphold their countries independence. In face of the nazi menace not only to the Soviet Union but also to Britain, France, China and the USA, let alone the many small states in Europe, Asia and Africa, and taking into consideration the fact that together these countries were much more powerful than the aggressive bloc of Germany, Italy and Japan, the Soviet Government made every effort to set up a system of collective security against aggression. Underlying this system was the idea that any aggression in any part of the world would he repulsed jointly by the countries in the affected region.

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