Rock Jam Trax For Bass w/cassette

Rock Jam Trax For Bass w/cassette
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Price: $39.95
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Weight: 2.00 lbs
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Out Of Print... The new way to practice rock jamming. Playing along with the 12 songs on this tape will help your technique no matter if you are a rank beginner or a seasoned professional. In the enclosed booklet you will find a wealth of information on rock scales, progressions, and techniques tailored to each song. With Jam Trax, the band is always ready to jam. Four Ways to Use Jam Trax 1. Play the Jam Trax cassette through your home stereo system, and play your bass through your usual setup and amp. 2. Play the Jam Trax cassette through your home stereo system, but plug your bass into the systems mic input. This setup allows you to turn off the speakers and use headphones. 3. Use a cassette player designed especially for playing along with tapes, such as the lbanez RP 100 Rock and Play. Certain conventional stereo cassette decks or karaoke machines may also lend themselves to this application. 4. Using the Jam Trax with a Portastudio, or any home recording setup, will enable you to mix, pan, and eq your bass sound to obtain notably professional results. This type of setup will also allow you to record your jams for posterity.

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