Hole-Look Through This

Hole-Look Through This
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Out Of Print... Her bleached blonde tangle, blood red pout and ragged too-tight dresses have entered the imagery of 1990s popular culture like a stain which keeps on spreading. Her endless babble of intelligence, always whipped up into incoherence by obsessions, fixations, and paranoios, irritates, fascinates and devastates her audiences, fans and enemies wherever she goes. Her music cuts to the quick, acting as super-confessional while reaching out to every girl who feels ambiguous, good, bad, confused and in tunnoil. Her honesty is unashamed, her lies are intricate. Her truth boundary is constantly blurred. Her name is Courtney Love, and she has single-mindedly fought her way to becoming a latter-day feminist, and simultoneously anti-feminist icon of rocknrolls culture. Love her, hate her, try your damnedest to ignore her, Courtney Love has managed to inspire more heated opinions than Madonna. And some of them are probably yours.

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