Gothic Rock Black Book

Gothic Rock Black Book
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Out Of Print... From Bauhaus to the Batcave, X-Mal to existentialism, Count Dracula to Count Basie, Sex Gang to Sex Fiend, many unwarranted images, distractions and misnomers have nested in the proud hair of GOTH. This book both explains and confirms the tantalising appeal of such a mysterious genre and it is not to be taken lightly. Sharing a communal bath with THE CULT, ALL ABOUT EVE, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, THE SISTERS OF MERCY and THE MISSION, we weave in and out of historical contexts to confront the one musical movement that has baffled the 'experts' and grown faster than the national trade deficit. You can, and will enjoy the romance and lust, the ridicule and rust, that the national radio wishes didnt exist, that the snobby music press insists 'desist' and that an ever-swelling audience cannot resist. Mick Merce, your host with the ghostest, bids you enter...

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