Beatles Diary Vol 1: The Beatles Years

Beatles Diary Vol 1: The Beatles Years
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Out Of Print ... An intimate day-by-day history of all four Beatles from childhood to the break-up of the group The Beatles existed officially for just ten years. Their decade of glory was the Sixties and they were the quintessential Sixties group - dazzling icons of their age to be pressed into service for whatever the fashionable agenda might be. And yet behind the legend was a demanding daily schedule that often told a very different story. Here, in the form of a huge diary, is the most revealing and frank personal history of the group ever written. The Beatles formative years are also explored by author Barry Miles in the minutest detail. Nothing less than a 30-year diary of all four group members, his book begins in wartime Liverpool and reaches a climax in London at the end of the Sixties and at the last stages of The Beatles' life as a group. Miles knew more about The Beatles in their heyday than anyone else. A member of their inner circle, he introduced Lennon and McCartney to many aspects of alternative culture including cutting-edge jazz and the writing of William Burroughs and the beat poets. His insights and privileged access to the facts are unrivalled in any other Beatles book. Its all here, day by day. All the, TV and radio appearances...interviews, hushed-up scandals, the sex and the drugs...the triumphs and quarrels...and all the Beatles-related births, marriages and deaths... Essential reading for anyone interested in rocks most influential phenomenon of all time.

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