Battle Thunder: The Story Of Britain's Artillery HB

Battle Thunder: The Story Of Britain's Artillery HB
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Out Of Print... Beginning with the primitive siege cannon of the Middle Ages and taking the story to the age of nuclear armament, this is a comprehensive, concise history of artillery in the British Army. Artillery is older than the Royal Artillery, older than the British Army so this is much more than a regimental history Artillerymen have served at almost even major conflict in which British soldiers have been engaged since Crcy. The subject is vast enough for many books to have dealt with aspects of it, but this is the first which attempts to contain the story within one concise narrative. It is thus a valuable introduction for the military history enthusiast, the past and present members of the R.A. and indeed all servicemen, and the student of warfare technology. The story begins with the primitive siege cannon of the Middle Ages, and the cumbrous 'artillery trains of Marlborough's days; then describes the foundation of the Royal Regiment of Artillery in 1716 under the Board of Ordnance, and its gradual development during the eighteenth century to the testing ground of the Napoleonic conflict. The nineteenth-century wars each make their contribution in terms of new technologies and techniques, as well as stories of soldierly heroism and skill. Much space is devoted to the two World Wars; and the history is brought right up to date with an account of the role of artillery in the age of nuclear armament. 256pp. 33 b/w photos

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