How To Survive Medical Treatment

How To Survive Medical Treatment
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Out Of Print... However natural-minded you are, it is more than likely you will find yourself on the receiving end of medical treatment. At that time your choice of natural health and well-being may clash head on with drugs, hospitals and medical machinery. Your natural way of looking after yourself rarely survives the impact. This is a great shame and completely unnecessary; it is especially when you are receiving medical treatment, possibly one of the most critical periods of your life, that you need a natural health attitude to see you through. One in five of the European population has been to an alternative medical practitioner, one in four shops in health shops. One in three of the US population uses unconventional therapies of some kind. Do they need to abandon all that as soon as they cross the threshold of the hospital On the contrary, health products and practices are not just for the healthy. They have a vital role to play in coping with medical treatment, and in a successful outcome and recovery. The purpose of this book is to make sure you get the best out of your medical treatment: that you pass successfully through this experience and are treated well to become well. Medical treatment can be the most important thing in your life while you art in the midst of it. Yet often people make more intelligent, careful and informed decisions when buying a car than when choosing to undergo serious treatment. We want you to explore what you yourself can do to get the maximum benefit for the minimum risk; how you can work with the staff and the system to get better, safer, easier, more dignified and more complete care.

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