Health For All 14

Health For All 14
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Welcome to the 14th edition... There are many opinions about globalisation from a political and commercial point of view. I do not wish to comment on these aspects of globalisation but I do know that globaLisation with regard to alternative health on a private level-without government input-is a very good thing. There are health centres planned in many countries where modern medicine and alternative treatments work together for the benefit of ill people. There will be updates in the following issues about their work. Mysteries Unfolded are the new contributions by Miroslav Provod from the Czech Republic. This natural scientist has researched for decades to explain and understand mysteries like Mesmerism, Cosmic Energy, Forest Dieback, Mob energy, Dance Obsession and Spontaneous human combustion. It is not the last answer to the subjects, but it is certainly a lot to think about. In this issue: Instant healing in Altotting Ozone-Oxygen-Therapy Gingko The Brain Restorer Parsley - More than just some green for your soup. Fennel - Against bowel disorders, gastro-intestinal disorders, cramps, catarrh and itching skin Maidenhair against asthma, and coughs. The Oak against bleeding Banana against blisters, burns and abscesses. Why wait for a miracle when you have the answers at your questions at your fingertips How to Deal With ADD/ADHD Naturally WHO IS REALLY WELL Urinews Mysteries Unfolded: Mesmerism Cisterian Monasteries Measuring instrument and dowsing rod Cosmic Energy Infallibility of the dowsing rod High-voltage power distribution lines Forest Dieback I wish you good health!

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