Health For All 13

Health For All 13
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Welcome to the 13th edition... Some people believe the number 13 is an unlucky number; others say it is a lucky number, and others do not think about lucky and unlucky numbers at all. From the Health for All's point of view, the current issue is a very lucky one, since the main story is the key to health for all. "The power of the mind" can heal all diseases and is free for all. Imagine, believe, have faith and you are healed. Healing with the mind is found in all countries and all religions. It is up to us to use the power we humans have been given. Many of us are worried about the future-war with atomic, biological and chemical weapons is a fear we have to live with. The terrible events of September 11th have affected all of us. Some called me and asked if Urinetherapy helps against Anthrax...I cannot say whether it is beneficial or not, and I have no feedback in regard to anthrax so far. However, there are some thoughts about it under "Urinews"-Urine against plague. I wish you good health! In this issue: The power of your mind Telepathic healing. Building Materials and Cancer Why are Medical Doctors Amazed With Colostrum Extract Aborigines remedies against skin disorders GE-food Blessing or Burden Is your food an anti-oxidant or an oxidant Is the water you drink an anti- Maca For Virility, Fertility & Hormone Balance A Powerful Energizer Increases Sexual Vitality & Performance First Rate Fertility Enhancer Natural HRT Elder against constipation, fever and bronchitis The Fig - The Biblical Heater Inner Quest - to go where few have gone before A need for Love Remedies Urinews - Urine against plague!

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