Industrial Property Rights In European Economy HB

Industrial Property Rights In European Economy HB
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Out Of Print ...-patents,trade marks and copyright- The freedom to compete lies at the heart of the Treaty of Rome. Recent test cases have brought before the public eye articles 85 and 86 of the Treaty which prohibit agreements having the effect of preventing restricting or distorting competition. The swingeing fines that have resulted from violation of these articles make it obligatory for companies engaged in trading between member states of the Community to be fully informed of the competition law. One common type of agreement concerns the granting of industrial property rights to a licensee in one of the member states. British firms were given six months from accession on 1st January 1973, to review their existing agreements. Where these, and new agreements being made after accession, could be interpreted as competitively restrictive, a number of courses lie open: amendment; notification to the Commission to secure 'exemption'; and application to the Commission for 'negative clearance. This book examines each category of industrial propertypatents, trade marks, copyright and know-how. It examines the choices available to companies, who discover that they have or may be entering into a restrictive agreement. Advice is given to clarify what types of clause fall foul of the Treaty. The reader is presented with the latest state of Community law regarding the legal validity of notified agreements. Essential reference material includes: a summary of all decisions' and 'judgements' made on agreements considered objectionable under the EEC rules of competition; quotations from the relevant articles of the Treaty of Rome, and the regulations under them; a detailing of the structure and powers of the Community institutions; and a critique of twenty typical agreement clauses. Industrial property rights is an area of competition law which has only come to the fore in the last two years or so. Mr Cawthra, himself a barrister and a legal adviser, has brought together all the present knowledge on this important subject in a very practical way for the benefit of company legal advisers, legal practitioners, marketing directors and export managers.

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