Basic Arts Of Management

Basic Arts Of Management
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Out Of Print... This book provides a straightforward introduction to the art and science of management. Too often people are thrust into their first management job with no preparation at all. They are faced with many practical problems which can be worrying to those without previous experience. The authors have set out to give some practical guidance to the new manager, and greater effectiveness to the experienced one. Provided that you have the determination to succeed in management, one ot the first areas to be considered is management of yourself. As a manager you are expected to plan your own work, and you will no longer be subject to detailed supervision. More important, you are judged on the results you achieve. Part One therefore deals with managing yourself - how to use your time effectively, how to identify your real job, how to achieve your ambitions, the routine affairs of running your own office, the problems involved in decision making. People are of primary importance to managers. You may be able to fool your own manager some of the time, but it is certain that you will not fool the people who work for you. They recognise quickly the manager of integrity and to obtain the confidence of the people who work for him is the first task of a manager. Hence Part Two is devoted to dealing with people. Perhaps the most important subject to a manager, after people, is money and this is discussed in Part Three, from both the personal and company aspects. Finally, Part Four deals with the various techniques which are available to assist the manager in achieving results. Subjects covered include project management techniques, computers and marketing. The book is applicable to the whole range of manufacturing, construction and distribution industries, commercial organisations such as banks, insurance companies, retail groups, property, hotels and catering, as well as nationalised industries, local and central government. It is also suitable for those taking management as a special subject in professional examinations or a diploma in management. Furthermore it provides a course of study for those aspiring to became managers. The authors believe that effect management can be learnt and they have written this book to show you how to become an effective manager.

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