Fitness In The Firm's Time HC

Fitness In The Firm's Time HC
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Out Of Print ... Theres no shortage of books on 'How to keep fit'. There's getting to be a plethora of them. Maybe your wife buys you one and leaves it lying around, discretely, but conspicuously, hoping impotently it will do something for your paunch, or your wheezy lungs and halitosis. Perhaps you buy her one, hoping it will make her more sexyor more acceptable. But that's the trouble. It lies around. Oh, you will flick through it and get that uncomfortable, nagging feeling you ought to do something about itwill do something about it, one day, soon. That's what it was bought for. But honestly, can you see yourself staggering out of bed and doing your 'physical jerks'; or plodding around the block, before or after shaving Yet youre still left with that nasty little nag, like a beetle in your bonnet'I must do something...' Then you reach fuzzily for the kettle and make the tea. At least, its a comforting ritual. How are you going to fit it in Thats the crux. 'Maybe I'll make a start, tonightafter the office....'On what, for goodness sake OK. So youre on the horns of a familiar dilemma. Not really. Because you know you're not going to do anything seriously about itbeyond a reluctant recognition of that nagging thought and maybe a token gesture at making a start. On what, where and . . . how Like me to make it easy for you How about a neat little practical package No sweat. So youve heard it all before Not this one!

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