Do-In 2: The Art Of Rejuvenation Through Self-Massage

Do-In 2: The Art Of Rejuvenation Through Self-Massage
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Out Of Print ...Its strength is in the restoration of the bodys natural balance. Whenever a part of the body hurts, the natural instinct is to touch it. Do-in draws on the wisdom of the Ancients and directs that instinct into the most effective method of self-healing. Hand contact to a healthy area causes neither pain nor unusual sensation, but touching one which is in trouble might cause some discomfort but it automatically restores energy circulation. The improved metabolism and the return of the organisms strength results. The effect on good internal functions is even more remarkable. At the same time: Mental and spititual energies are heightened. Even beginners arc surprised by the experience. From the depths of human history, here then are the healing methods from the ancient Celtic as well as from the old Eastern medicines. Totally independent from outside interventions, Do-in requires no drug or special equipment, but it helps avoid costly, aggravating doctors visits and their potential for harmful side- and after effects. Do-in teaches a better knowledge of the body, its strengths and its weaknesses. As a body maintenance tool, i.e. to PREVENT the inroads of illnesses, the practice of Do-in is unsurpassed.

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